Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I was window shopping this morning.

The manor, where Harold lives, dates back to the fifteenth century. Most of it has been built over since then, but part of the stable block is from that period. The original inn burned down in 1517; something to do with the blacksmith leaving his forge unattended. Well. I had things to do, not least of which was helping a chap in Florence design a flying machine.

The point is that some of the windows at the back of the house need to be repaired or replaced. Since it’s a listed building he can’t just stuff a section of double glazing in and have done with it, hence my window shopping. Do you know how many places sell original sixteenth century windows? I’ll tell you. None.

While we’re on the subject of windows, I’d like to urge anyone with a bit of spare cash to donate to the fund of St. Cestina’s church in Bishopsgate. It seems that somebody stole the two original windows from the Sacristy. They certainly seemed happy with the anonymous donation I left them. They even invited me in for a cup of tea. How kind.

Later. X


Anonymous said...

this letter showed up in my lj directly under a post from Urban Decay of a broken window.

(nessa5 on lj)

Jasfoup said...

How serendipitous!

Thanks for commenting.