Friday, August 22, 2008

Book Habits

I didn’t go in to the shop today. Julie gave me a ring after she got in to tell me the rabbits were still there and I said sod it then. It’s not as if I actually work there or anything – I don’t know why I even go in other than to support Harold. It became a habit, I suppose, to lounge about in the shop waiting for the world to come to me. Not that bad habits are wrong, it’s just that this one is tedious.

Well not today. I have nothing pressing on so I’ve arranged to have lunch with Sylvia and tea with Valerie and Reverend Mackenzie. That should be scintillating then. At least I’ll get to have some decent conversation for a change instead of Harold whining about stock and pointless sale.

I thought he meant point of sale the first time he said it but he corrected my laughter. What he’s referring to is the process of buying stock in that we make no profit on. In order to cover the less salubrious business of – let’s be clear here – forging old manuscripts and books he has to at least appear to be a legitimate bookshop. He detests having to stock modern hardbacks to make a pound or so for the sake of a window display. He doesn’t need to see them – a half decent facsimile like the Malleus Malefic will net him five thousand in clear profit..

I might buy him a present to cheer him up. A scalpel, perhaps.


aims said...

Oh Jasfoup! You can be downright mean at times! Naughty!

I'm much happier (and glad I waited) to find out what a pointless sale was....who would have thought of it in that way - except for Harold.

aims said...

btw - I don't like rabbit stew. Actually have never had rabbit in any form - so what do I know..

Leatherdykeuk said...

Jasfoup? naughty? Surely not!

rabbit tastes like chicken with more bones.