Sunday, August 31, 2008

End-of-Summer Party

Harold wanted an end-of-summer garden party yesterday. Rather than string wire all around the garden I borrowed a load of candle lanterns and had Devious string them up through the trees and around the lake. Delirious followed his trail afterwards with a bag of tea lights and a household box of matches. It looked marvelous when he’d finished, like there was a thousand trapped fire sprites crucified to the trees*

Smiling, we called him the tea light fairy and for a joke he came to the party wearing a tutu. You should have seen the embarrassment on his brother’s face when John turned up in the same outfit!

It was a lovely party with tea of several varieties and a dragonkin spit-roast. Delicious.

Of course, just to spite us it rained all day today.

*We tried this two tears ago but the all burned through their ropes. We tried it with nails as well, but that tended to put the fires out.


aims said...

Those sprites! I mean really! A little nail and they won't light? Pfffft!

An end of summer (was there one Harold?) party sounds like a lovely thing to do. Sadly we didn't have anything like that over here. I think we're in need of a few new minds around here to dream up these things.

Leatherdykeuk said...

We don't generally have them here, either, else they'd occur in July!