Saturday, August 30, 2008


I was alerted to the other occupant only by a slight drifting of mortar dust from the bell room ceiling. I side stepped just in time to avoid the downward passage of a lump of stone as big as Felicia’s head.* Now I’d seen it fall I noticed all the other stones and surmised the reason for the holes in the floor.

I looked up. That had to be one of the biggest gargoyles I’d seen for a long time. Four foot long – six if you counted the tail – and built like a huge cat (complete with fangs).
I wonder who decided cats were likely to scare away demons? We like them.

It hissed at me, holding up a huge stone paw with the fingers splayed. “You have dis meny secunz,” it said, “befur I ripz off yur ead.”

I have to admit I hesitated. It either didn’t know I was a demon or else it didn’t care. Either way it was shout of a pound in the brain department. Still, I made a leap of logic and held up the letter I’d found.

“O rly?” I said. “Cuz I is frend of Haruld.”

* I was going to say Harold’s but it wasn’t quite as big as that.


aims said...

Now that I know you are afraid of not being a demon it changes my thoughts about you Jasfoup.

Still - a stone cat? You couldn't have taken it?


Leatherdykeuk said...

I wouldn't want to hurt it. It was clearly deranged.

spacedlaw said...

A LOL Gargoyle! How annoying is that!
Do they have internet access?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Heh! How could I resist?

Internet access ? Not yet, but I have plans...