Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lost and Found

One good thing about having to go up to the loft is that I found Charlotte’s missing bracelet. Not that she’s likely to care now, because what’s left of her after the messy business with the faeries in 1924 is in a small crate in the mausoleum but she was distraught about it at the time. She accused young Michael of stealing it, if I recall correctly (and I do) but how is wound up in the deserted loft space of the west wing I’ll never know.

Michael denied stealing it at the time and everyone but Charlotte believed him. It’s a pretty piece. Cornish gold set with diamonds and rubies. Rightfully, it belongs to Ada now, though doubtless she’ll pass it on to Harold. She was never one for trinkets. What is odd, though, now that I see it again, is that Sophia wore it on her wedding day in 1947. It was a wedding gift from her new Husband.

There were four gargila on the roof when I went up this morning. Devious had put plastic sheeting over the hole until such time as the police decided we could have it repaired (I’d already put in a claim from the Victims of Crime compensation fund, though I doubted they’d spring for a complete new roof). Treading warily with wings out for balance, I approached the nearest, a winged humanoid with huge lips.

“Barghela, isn’t it?” I asked.

He nodded. “Not my fault,” he said. “Not my fault if I see a loose spirit coming toward me and I eat it. Not my fault if it was still attached to a body.”

I nodded. “Was this before or after he fell through the roof?”

“After.” Barghela would have looked a bit shifty then, if gargila could change the expressions on their faces. “He fell because I bit him when he stuck his fingers in my eye.”


aims said...

Well now - there you go! I'd have bit him too!

Strange about that bracelet tho....

Leatherdykeuk said...

I'm testing out ideas for the next novel ;)