Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Game, though probably not PC

Thursday is market day and despite some very ominous clouds the rain has so far held off, forcing Harold and I to think of alternative means of occupying our time between customers. Julie, on the front desk, plays perpetual online games of hearts and poker and banks a considerable sum, thanks to her spirit guides. On a good day they can tall her the hand of opponents in Texas, France and the Ukraine all at once. It’s hardly surprising that she doesn’t mind the small wages we give her. If I were to look in her bank account I’d see she has more money than Harold. Not that I would, of course.

So picture the scene. Harold and I, each with a cup of tea (saucers in our left hands, handle to our right) standing at the front window behind and above the pointless-sales display, looking out over what we can see of the flea market. For some reason that Harold has yet to explain, there are several dozen albino rabbits hopping about the shop, clutching pieces of parchment in curiously agile paws. Is this some variation on the infinite monkeys and hamlet experiment?

We have a battle of wills. I have the greater ability, but Harold the greater potential to win. Each of us picks a team of pigeons and wills them to defecate on the marketgoers.
Three points for a bloke, two for a woman (they’re more pragmatic about being crapped on from a great height) and one for a stall holder.

It’s another three hours until we close and I’m leading seven points to five.


Stinking Billy said...

All very interesting,as ever, but who is the beautiful Diana in the picture?

Leatherdykeuk said...

I was googling 'tea' images and came up with her.
She's Diana Fayt from

BT said...

I could have happily played that game in Worthing!! Could have amused myself for hours.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Nice to see you demon watching, Gina :)

aims said...

So why does Harold have the greater potential to win?

Great game btw - and the bunnies are still about then! What fun!

Leatherdykeuk said...

His heritage. His father has the biggest chance of influencing anyone, it stands to reason that Harold does as well.