Monday, August 25, 2008

Wit Art

Don’t you just love November winds?

It’s a pity they’re in August but you can’t have it all ways. The general feeling of misery on a bank holiday is uplifting to a demon. How delightful that it should rain to boot. It’s not actually raining at present although the storm clouds are rolling in like galleons to a fight but it will soon enough.

Mrs. Baxter at Pine Tree House has got her washing out. She does the sheets on Mondays – rain or shine – and is hoping the wind dries them before the rain begins. Look! She’s had a bit of luck for as I watched a ray of bright sunshine escaped the battle and lit her back garden like a spotlight. Oh! It’s gone again now but the cloud over that spot is marginally thinner, lending a general brightening to the air.

I strolled past the White Art on my morning jaunt. It was still closed after last night’s ‘Spitting Buckets’ poetry slam. I can’t say I’m surprised – they’re a hard drinking, hard fighting lot, those poets. I saw a heavyweight boxer cut to pieces by a beatnik’s haiku last month. It wasn’t pretty. I see the sign’s lost another letter. It’s now the Whit Art. Once it was the White Hart but a change of ownership kept the new name. Will the current owner replace the ‘e’, I wonder, or lose the ‘t’?

I rather like the name ‘The Why Art?’


aims said...

It's close enough to Way Aye man...
(good old Mark)

I loved the galleons to the fight and the clouds...your words made me do that little grunt sound I do when I read something that strikes my brain and my heart.

*sideways smile*

Leatherdykeuk said...

Why aye? Back to Newcastle are we?

Glad something resonated :)