Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not a light saber, a heavy one.

Now scoff if you must, but Elvish* is a real language and Elves** are a real race. Technically, they’re an offshoot race; the descendants of the Angels and the Fae – Fae Nephilim, if you like, only since The Man Himself paid no heed to the planes that joined the mortal realm, they got off without being destroyed by the Flood.*** They subsequently tried to take over Faery but the coup failed and they were banished to the Summerland.****

Anyway… the saber.

Harold was right. It was an Elvish sigil. When I examined it, the script was scratched over the makers mark - Daws of Birmingham, 1796 – indicating that although it was of mortal origin it had been held by the elves some time after the battle of Waterloo. Another mystery to uncover, although we knew that the elves had been the power behind the Order of Twilight.

“Right,” I said, draining my tea. “There’s someone who knows more about all this than he’s letting on, and I for one don’t like mucking about in the dark. I want to know what was in that letter I found at St. Marples’, and why the gargoyle seemed to know all about you.”

*Yes. We used to say ‘Elven’ too until we reached the point of being tricked into saying it. For example:

“What Script is this?” “Elven.” “Already? It seems like breakfast was only a minute ago. Make the tea old chap.”

**Look, you’re reading the ramblings of an upwardly mobile demon. Are you trying to say that you can believe in Gods and angels and demons but not in Faeries and (therefore) elves? Wash your mouth out and go back to watching photons colliding.

***Not that it did any good. In Exodus Moses meets (and slaughters) whole villages of the very nephilim that were supposedly destroyed by the six weeks of rain.

****Look, I went through all of this in the book “Dead Line.” Didn’t you read it? What do you mean, it’s not been published yet?


aims said...

I want to know too! :0)

neil h said...

The drunk man's turn on
The new pub karaoke
Sounded like Elvish

Leatherdykeuk said...

Patience, Aims ;)

Neil: ha! Excellent.
There's a bloke down our chip shop...

spacedlaw said...

What I really want to know is what the elves were doing at the battle of Waterloo...

Leatherdykeuk said...

A roaring trade in second-hand swords!