Friday, October 31, 2008


Samhain today, and despite Harold trying to be spooky* for Denizens it’s a day of laughter and mockery as we watch the mortals don their spookiest outfits. I ask you: Does the cinematic image of a vampire truly scare you? Modern cinema is a little closer – they don’t fly but they do move very fast – but still miles away. And as for Frankenstein’s monster… tut tut.

Still, the shop has a pumpkin in the window (you can’t see the candlelight because of the sunshine) and the imps have free reign to scare the customers. We should charge for this. Tim has carved a gross of altar candles into suitably ghoulish figures and has set them around St. Marples.

I also took the liberty of unearthing a few skulls and setting nightlights in them. Funnily enough, people generally believe them to be plaster fakes.

Happy Samhain!

*I know it was you in the upstairs bathroom this morning, going ‘whoo, whoo’ down the pipes. I was NOT frightened at all. I just had a bad curry last night and besides, Devious offered to clean up, right after his broken arm mended.**

**The worthless little imp has requested ‘Let’s Twist Again’ be removed from the games room juke box.***

***Yes we do have a games room. The Manor has four floors with 18 bedrooms on the upper floors. We also have three basement levels. Of course we have space for a games room. And a gymnasium.****

****One of Gillian’s conditions for moving in, only it wasn’t so much ‘moving in’ as ‘digging a hole in the dirt’.


stephanie said...

We see what we wish to see, no?

Leatherdykeuk said...

One can never bulls**t a psychology professor ;)

aims said...

I know this sounds scroogish (sorry - not mixing fun dates here on purpose) but we turn out our outside lights and hide inside so no goblins come to the door begging for tricks or treats.

The house is imposing enough on its own to scare the little boogers away anyway.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a darned good idea! I wish we could do that.

neil h said...

And a happy Samhain to you too!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you Neil :)