Friday, October 24, 2008

St Twinings', Laverstone

There’s a tea shop opening in St. Marples’. That’s nice. The architecture lends itself to quiet contemplation with a cup of lapsang souchong. I’m not sure how it will work yet – they’ve applied for the upper level, what would have been the chorister loft if it had ever been a real church and I can imagine the noise levels from conversation and spoons banging china would be intolerable. Perhaps they’ll think to deaden the sound with soft furnishings. If it's a success perhaps the name will change to St. Twinings'.

Either way, I’ll spread some rumours about a ghost haunting the place and the only way to placate it will be to leave pilchards available. That’ll please Tim the gargoyle. Harold doesn’t have any say in what uses the church is put to, though as the owner he has to approve alteration plans. He’s more than happy to have plumbing put in at someone else’s expense and has asked that electricity be carried as far as the bell tower. I think he has some notion of converting it to a residence at some point in the future. I’d say a hotel but I know he wouldn’t want to put the White Art out of business.

Talking of tea, there was no milk left this morning. I went down to the gate but no sign of any there either. I think something has happened to the milkman. I know he isn’t dead because I’d have had notification on my brickberry. Perhaps he’s off sick and the replacement doesn’t know the route.*

*This happened with the Laverstone Times once. There was a temporary paper boy that declined to walk the half-mile up the drive to the manor. He began to leave the papers at the gate. Was it evil to animate them to follow him home?


Annie Wicking said...

What a wonderful doorway! God in days gone by they really knew how to make a statement... In this day and age I feel we've lost something.

Best wishes,

Leatherdykeuk said...

It's fabulous, isn't it!

aims said...

On our way home from Vancouver we stopped at a famous dairy in a place called Sicamous. I don't know if there was a sick moose there at some time or if someone sicced a moose on someone....

Anyway - they still offer milk in bottles with that lovely paper over the top. You can come in with your little 6 bottle plastic carrier and load up. Lovely.

They also make some of the best ice cream I've ever tasted. Chocolate Rasberry in a cup for me - celiacs can't do cones you know.

Leatherdykeuk said...

We used to have foil topped bottles here, too. The blue tits use to peck the foil off to get at the milk.

Glad you got to eat ice cream :)