Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Trip into Town

The delights of the market again today.

Thursdays in Laverstone, as you know well enough by now, is the day of the flea market.* Harold and I traversed the stalls with trepidation and delight. Trepidation, because who can resist poring over old books in the hopes of finding a treasure thought forgotten and delight when one finds such a treasure as ‘Morlinson’s Applications’** for the knock-down sum of £2.50***

Harold bought a couple of other items, most notably a scarf for Gillian and a picture frame for his mother’s traditional Yule portrait. I wonder who he’ll commission this year? Banksy seems on the up still, though I still favour dear Mr. Holbein. We won’t talk about 1986, the year he commissioned Mark Rothko. ‘Gloomy’ was the best Ada had to say about it.

After the market a trip to CafĂ© Nero. The shop next door to it make the best tea in the world without the fancy prices. I’m telling you, soon you’ll have to trade your soul for a skinny latte with almond syrup.

*Not actual fleas, though the term stems from the seventeenth century when ragpickers would sell their findings in the MarchĂ© aux puces (‘Market with fleas’) in the northern suburbs of Paris, where the insects were indeed prevalent. Fortunately they are less so in present times, though London has had a 400% rise in bedbugs over the last decade.

**Specifically ‘Morlinson’s Applications of Obfustication in the subtle art of Pick-pocketing.” Supposedly a fictional account of the life of street-urchins but actually a textbook on illusion magic. Worth £30 - 40,000.

***To be fair, Harold did the actual knocking down and I did the ‘drop-the-money-and-run’ part.


aims said...

Hard to find flea markets here these days. Sad. They were so much fun. Now we have organized farmer's markets. Crap.

Leatherdykeuk said...

We still get them here. It's due to the economy, of course.