Friday, November 28, 2008

Bitty Post - Sorry

Well that was fun. Gillian ran off with the baby. She had a bit of a go at me too – said I was spineless – and I didn’t like her tone and manner. I mean… me? Spineless? I’ve always got a spine.*

Good riddance to her, anyway. Just as long as she brings the baby back.

I was online this morning, before all this sparked off, and got one of those 403:Forbidden messages. I objected to that rather harshly, but it seems that
has been placed on the list of illegal websites. What’s up with that? I like my stuffed alligators.**

It’s a bit of a bitty post. Sorry about that. I’m upset.

*Except in 1783 when I was a lump of reforming goo for eight months after a particularly nasty run-in with an exorcist.

** I made this website up. You watch – someone will buy it now in the hope that it makes a fast buck. You clicked it too, didn’t you?

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