Thursday, November 13, 2008

Didhe Fall or...

It is said that God can spot a single sparrow falling from the sky.

This is, of course, perfectly true IF he happens to have nothing better to do than watch a common bird flying about IF he’s watching the right bird and IF he’s got his glasses on. Otherwise he’d he hard pressed to spot an elephant falling off the Eiffel tower and he also wouldn’t be able to tell you how it got there.*

So busy looking for sparrows was he that God didn’t notice the fall of Reggie Pinkton either. I did, though. Amusingly, when he reached the bottom of the spire of St David’s RC Church in Chapeltown his body looked like a Mr Stretchy doll than anything else and his spirit bounced off the pavement and onto the porch of the West door.

“Suicide?” I asked.

“No thanks,” he said. “I’ve done it already.”

*it was a publicity stunt fro Richard Dawkin’s new show at the Louvre: “Everything is Random Chance.’ The theory was that any object divided into sufficiently small sections would have an equal chance of any given pattern, including the original. The elephant wqas carried up in seventeen five-gallon buckets and pushed off. It failed to be an elephant again by the time in hit the gound.

It did retro-engineer itself into a 200 yard diameter puddle, though.


aims said...

I laughed at his spirit bouncing - reminded me once more of Death and his blade and the people looking back at their bodies.

Do you as a demon have any services such as Death does? Or are you the escort afterwards perhaps?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Not really - I just fill in the relevant forms and wave bye-bye