Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Innocence of Babes

A child’s potential for cruelty knows no limits. I remember Harold as a young lad hunting ants in the garden with a magnifying glass. It was something I observed rather than interfered with – it was up to his mother to correct any behaviour she thought reprehensible, though I told her everything.

Chastised, and a little older, Harold developed a cold, analytical streak when it came to business deals. It was rare indeed that he failed to turn a profit and if he was dubious about a deal he would put the squeeze on. When he was a vendor he would just withhold the goods until the price was right (often refusing to sell at all until the market improved) but as a buyer his squeezes often involved the dreaded Waterman nipple-pinch.

It is, perhaps, unsurprising that his daughter be the apple of his eye. With her he is gentle and calm and quite possible the perfect, attentive father. I look forward to seeing how she grows up;* one cannot for get what happens to daughters and apples in fairy tales.

And little Lucy has Faery blood in her.


aims said...

Ah. The cruelty of children.

But the nipple pinch in business? How - erm - unique!

Now tell me - what was the * for after the grows up?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Very underestimated, the nipple pinch ;)

*if she manages to

stephanie said...

I like this one quite a lot. The many sides of Harold (and we all have them)... though I can't help wondering how merciless Lucy will end up being as well. ;)

Leatherdykeuk said...

I do know how Lucy turns out... She will be well-rounded ;)