Monday, November 17, 2008

Missed Opportunity

Michael was a troubled soul. I was happy to have known him best when he was happiest – playing with his infant children, listening to Tom Petty and Captain Beefheart (whose name is forever spoken in a Geordie accent) and showing me some of the paintings his friends had given him. I have an enduring memory of him driving his white TV repair van on the way from Ryton the Gateshead, the radio blaring and him hunched over the steering wheel, cleaning his fingernails with a screwdriver as he sang along.

I hadn’t seen him in twenty five years, but I know he’ll be missed by many. I know I missed him – Tyne and Wear is serviced by Filial, who has been after my position for over a century now, but I wouldn’t give him a farthing’s worth of chances to get the job of looking after Harold and living Topside.


aims said...

Good images! I could almost hear the music blaring in that van for the last time!

Covetting your job? tsk tsk.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Working Topside is the best a demon could ask for, other than -- you know -- actual Dukeship.