Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Rachel Papers

She burned the original manuscript.

She’s got guts, I’ll say that for her. Who? You. Rachel, I mean, for those who are reading this. Now that my book – what? – sorry “her book” (did you see my fingers there? Very eighties, I though. Do people still make inverted commas in the air? I though not. Scrub that bit out, then, it’s embarrassing.)

Anyway, The Rachel papers are no more. Sure, she has the document on file, uploaded and on a CD at someone else’s house but is electronic enough? Electronic media are the most ephemeral of all. You know where you are with 500 sheets of A4 bound up with string but data can be lost in an instant. The tapes from Voyager 7 can only be read by two machines in the whole world after only forty years. What chance had an alien race of reading them?*

Quite apart from that, what if she gets famous? No ‘First Draft’ for a museum to peruse of a postman to filch. Actually, the galley proof’s gone missing. I keep checking ebay but it’s not turned up yet.

Did my auction get pulled?

*100% of course. It stands to reason that the first one to say ‘hello, here we are’ gets invaded.**

**Not that aliens exist in a Creationist mythos


aims said...

Now see - I don't know if I could do this - but I know you did have that private time for yourself in the circle and I thought about it then too.....takes balls I say to burn all that time and paper.

On the flip side though - look what you have managed to do. Something that so many dream of. Holding the very first copy will make the burning very worth while I imagine.

I'm very proud of and happy for you Rachel. Kinda wiggly in fact.

ChrisH said...

Rachel - I salute you! You are a strong woman.
PS Did you create the cover for 'Ungodly Child?'

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks Chris :)

Yes, It was a watercolour from a couple of years ago.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks Aims - It was all wish magic - sacrifice-


I'm still waiting for the galley proof!

ChrisH said...

Multi-talented, too! It's a beautiful cover.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks Chris

stephanie said...

I saw this one on my reader when it posted. Loved it.