Saturday, December 20, 2008


If you want to see real terror, go to any psychiatric care hospital. An overnight stay in Bedlam will encourage you to stay longer. Mostly it’s not the fault of the patients that they are deemed mad but the other creatures that inhabit such places.

Take Julie’s friend Wrack. He was a happily adjusted imp attached to a happily adjusted mortal man, and simply because the chap was seen talking to Wrack* he gets admitted to psychiatric care and undergoes ECT.

Well, you show me an imp that would put up with being electrocuted on a daily basis. Wrack left him and found Julie instead, who was in care because she was blind but could hear voices.** The chap Wrack was attached to no longer sees or hears him and is declared cured! Hurrah, but for the small problem of his loss of the protection Wrack offered. Now he is plagued by ghosts and demons, desperate for someone to listen to them.

The psychiatric wards are full of ghosts, many of them just looking for a semblance of the life they lost, a pointer of where to go now, of a craving for the life of another. Possession is rarely by demons*** but by those too selfish to give up life, or too fearful of the judgment that awaits them.

My advice? Don’t go to a hospital. There’re sick people there.

*which to anyone without the Sight would appear to be the poor chap having a conversation with thin air

**Not just the voices of those physically present, I mean.

***though it does happen. Borrowing a body is quicker and easier than the red tape required for a mortal body of one’s own. A demon could be waiting a century before his chit is passed. Borrowing a body is often just easier as a short-term solution but is rare despite the collected reports of it. Possession is, after all, 9/10ths of the lore.


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