Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cats and Needles

Typical! I came upstairs to rain this morning, electing to take my tea inside the shed rather than on the patio. The cats are getting a bit scarce these mornings – too cold and wet – so I leave their breakfast where they can find it. The trouble is there’s one particular cat that can’t bear to leave food in the dish and will either eat it all or bury it. They don’t really have names, but I call that one Harry.

Fat cat
eating fresh tuna
in the rain

Felicia and I went out for our morning run. At least the woods – which if you stay out of the goblin lands are mostly pine – were fairly dry. I love the smell of pine in the clean air of winter, don’t you? And the softness of a century of pine needles beneath your feet. Marvelous. Felicia ran hither and thither and got thoroughly filthy, but that’s women for you.

Under my feet a hundred years of collected pine

The river was running high with the rain and the pool was full of driftwood. I mused on the prospect of lugging it back to the Manor and decided against it. I don’t want it to make a dam against the bridge pilings, though. I’ll send the imps down with a chainsaw.

When we got home the clouds rolled back and the sun came out. Harry looked like he’d eaten a beach ball.


aims said...

Oh no! After the barbque I'm sort of leery about asking what Harry could have got into. You never know over at Laverstone Manor.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Best not ask, really. ;)

Stinking Billy said...

rachel, I see this post got a brief mention from blogger yesterday (in Dashboard), or was that just for my eyes only, me being a fan, an' all?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Did it? That's fabulous. I didn't noticed, alas.

Thanks for the tip, though :)