Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fae Betray

Harold hasn’t forgiven his grandmother for abducting baby Lucy yet. It’s been a month and he still glowers if her name comes up in conversation. There’ll be aftershocks from that in years to come. He felt it an ultimate betrayal by the Fae (his mother’s side of the family) to send a creature of nightmare* to abduct her.

We stopped it, naturally, thanks to my quick reactions and moral distrust of a benign Harold. Sophia, Harold’s Gran, took her from Harold’s arms by threat of pain and took away all the essence that made her nephilim. I have my doubts as to her ever getting her talents back but she still has the Sight, whereby she can see the supernatural world so not everything was lost.

Gillian clings to her. How will she survive the separation of mother and child, I wonder?

*It wasn’t actually. It was a Shadow Puppet, a quite different thing entirely. Had it managed to return to Fae it would have lost all semblance of life but since we stopped it, it made a home in the cellar. Short of purchasing a small neutron bomb I can see no way of getting rid of it.

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