Thursday, December 25, 2008


I was surprised at the number of people in St. Pity’s graveyard today. I was half expecting it to be closed but I can quite honestly say* that it was a record number of people there. I suppose that Christmas Day is a time to go and put flesh flowers on the graves while the turkey cooks in the oven. Several visitors had driven their cars along the pedestrian access paths and over the graves as well**. I’ll be making a note of them for later.

I wandered through , nodding to people as I strolled. One or two of them were old enough to be dodging the grave themselves and I let my glamour slip, just for a moment, so they could see what awaited them. They wouldn’t be the first people to see a demon, renounce all sin and seek absolution. I’d have personally sent several hundred people to Heaven if Heaven was still open to new residents.

One old gentleman was particularly poorly – he’d received an unwanted present this year – that very nasty influenza that’s been knocking around, passed to him by his daughter-in-law on a flying visit yesterday. Philip Bedger, his name is. I’ll be seeing him the day after tomorrow.

As for the rest of you, have a good day with your family, and leave a spare cup of tea – you never know if I might drop in for a visit.

Merry Thingummies and Happy new Bobs

*Although I may be lying

**Obviously they didn’t drive over the more expensive plots with stone borders – that might have damager their Audis and Beamers.





Naval Langa

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you, dear sir

stephanie said...

A merry belated Christmas, Jasfoup. I hope it was profitable.