Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tch. House prices, eh?

Harold was pleased with the idea of buying that house as a rental but wants a few days to think it over and come up with the money. I can’t say that I blame him – it’s not easy even for a demon to come up with £300K. I’ll have some word in a few ears and see if I can get the price reduced. It’s only priced that way because there are no beneficiaries. The profits on the sale go to charity. Who’s more deserving? Harold or a bunch of kittens you’ve never met?* It’s been on the market a couple of months so I doubt there’s much interest. I just hope, for Julie’s friend’s sake, he’s not beaten to the punch.**

In other news, Lucy learned to blow spit bubble. How super! That keeps her amused even more than Harold, though he can blow bigger ones, obviously.

Gillian has made the decision to move out when Lucy’s weaned. She’ll stay in Laverstone because she and Harold are bound by a blood dependence. And probably destiny as well. Felicia has also decided to move out and wants the top flat of the house I looked at. I’ll miss our morning walks.

Time to wander down to the bookshop now, I think. I hear there’s a new book out today.

*Well, kittens, obviously, but I’m making a point here.

**If there’s any beating and punching of Harold to be done, I’m first in the queue, after Gillian.


stephanie said...

I wonder if Jasfoup ranks an autographed copy?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Jasfoup *is* autographing copies!