Monday, December 1, 2008

Warm Fires

The barbecue went well, thanks for asking. I ended up having it in the kitchen garden because of the walls keeping out the worst of the wind. I made a bonfire, too. I had asked Devious to collect some wood for me the day before and he’d amassed a large pile of fifty or sixty fence posts. I had to be careful with them, though, because some had bits of chain-link fencing attached. I asked him where they’d come from and he told me he’d found them abandoned in a field, not even concreted in.

Harold moaned, of course. He thought the meat was too tough. I ended up broiling a haunch in a water barrel on the bonfire. That was tender enough for him.

Felicia liked her steaks raw, naturally, so five seconds each side to get them to blood temperature satisfied her. Julie was the most traditional and ate hers medium-rare. Gillian didn’t partake at all but kept us company, showing Lucy the coloured flames from creosote and horse manure.

Devious and the other imps were the greediest pigs, eating upwards of half a dozen steaks each but there was plenty to go around. I ate four myself.

I put the rubbish on the fire at the end of the evening and this morning woke to a pot full of glue. How splendid.


aims said...

Arrrrrrrrrgh! You got me with that one! Here I was - focused on the fenceposts! Arrrghhhhhh!

As long as the night was a good ride for everyone........

Leatherdykeuk said...


Sorry, Aims, I couldn't resist.