Monday, January 5, 2009

Avoiding Conflict

That was interesting! I’ve just managed to avoid an argument by the skin of Harold’s teeth. A woman came into the shop, nose up as if the carpet was spread with a thin layer of dog manure and declared that she wouldn’t read any book that had Biblical references in it as she disagreed with the Abrahamic God. Super. That’s her right, of course. I directed her to the chemistry and physics textbooks, since they seem to be the only books I could think of that don’t have any influence from the Bible.

If you think about it, most books contain some sort of moral code passed down from some form of religion. Even witchcraft was based upon the mores of society and the concept of man’s place in the nature of the world. Okay, they may not be the God of the Christians, Jews and Muslims but are they all not similar?

My own boss, Lucifer, was a God in his own right according to the ancient peoples – From my mono-theistic point of view (and what else can I have, being a demon), he was an angel that was familiar with the world and its peoples long before God elected to retro-invent the world.

“Haven’t you got anything on Wicca?” the woman said.

I almost laughed. Wicca was a religion ‘invented’ in the 1920s as a gentleman’s Social Club and has influences drawn from a dozen other religions – including Christianity. It’s about as official a religion as Scientology and boasts a similar number of members. Thinking about it, both were founded by writers, too. Remind me to talk about John Normal’s Bor in the future – some people take that as seriously.

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stephanie said...

*chuckles* If anyone can assist, I'm sure it will be J. Happy reading!