Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marital response

Still thinking about the responses of people on walks.

One of the comments a couple of days ago referred to a contest held by a heterosexual couple. They decided to see – long in advance of my queries on the subject -- which of them got the most responses from an unsolicited greeting. She said that her husband won quite clearly, which surprised me until I thought about it.

If they were together, even the most foul tempered walker would crack a little at a couple holding hands. If the husband offered the greeting, he would be perceived as the dominant of the pair and gain responses based upon (a) acknowledgement of his dominance (b) appreciation of his prowess in gaining (and taming) a mate and (c) fear of being impolite to a predator (alpha male).

If the wife offers the greeting, responses to her are affected by the presence of a male at her side and are muted from (a) fear of physical and/or verbal abuse (“Flirting with his wife”) (b) a snub at her perceived dominance of a male and (c) the obvious knowledge she is already ‘taken’.

If they walked alone, I suspect the husband’s responses would be further modified by the respondent’s fear of a single male and the wife’s would be increased by flirtatious responses.

Interesting, no? Discuss. Prove me wrong, by all meand. I am, as ever a student of mortal nature.

Today Felicia and I had a 100% response success rate. All of them pleasant and one woman doubly so when we met her a second time – she seemed to be walking the opposite circle to us.

Picture: Woman walking Dog by Zuan


stephanie said...

I am awed by your command of human nature. Quite right you are on all counts so far as I can tell. Excellent!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Praise indeed, m'lady. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

There are replies and there are answers. The two are perhaps not necessarily the same. Just a thought. Not really an answer but a question...

Leatherdykeuk said...

All too true, Captain B.