Saturday, April 10, 2010


How curious!

On my way back from collecting a soul last night I noticed that 34, Offley Street had gone up for sale. I've watched it being renovated ever since the affair with the necromancer last June (though you may think it only yesterday, I suppose. You'll recall the tale, surely?). I remember looking to see who owned it at the time – I was tempted to return Lucy's button once she'd passed it – and managed to determine it was a chap in Cambridge; a nephew of the old mage I believe, called Jonathan Pearson.

They virtually gutted the place and I suspect got a high price for some of the furnishings at the local auction house. I wouldn't let Harold attend, just in case. Now it's a long way from the old, creaky house it was when Meinwen, Winston and I investigated and exorcised it. It looks as good as new. They've even torn down the ivy and re-pointed the brickwork. Just as well, really, since there was a body under all that ever-greenery.

Now its up for sale. I looked at the listing in the window of Affable Agents and noticed it up for 330K. A bit steep for the area, if you ask me, though they may get 250K for it. I was half tempted to persuade Harold buy it as a lease but I don't think the manor folk could stomach seeing it again.

I shall wait until its sold and then send the new owners a copy of all the newspaper clippings. It's been known as the 'Satan House' ever since the police began recovering the bodies. Until then I shall content myself with causing all the sale leaflets to discolour.

Did you know that black ink contains a rich, dripping red?


aims said...

Why am I not surprised at you Jasfoup? Have I come to know you and your antics too well perhaps? (although I suspect one can never know a demon completely - except for perhaps our chronicler - I must ask her).

That being said I remember pulling a similar stunt in my earlier years. What does that say? (mind you it wasn't a Satan House - just one of his minions doing his work on me).

Leatherdykeuk said...

You know the old song:

'Even when the brightest clouds are in the sky / You mustn't laugh and you mustn't smile / Spread a little misery as you go by

stephanie said...

*chuckles* Is that the opening to the sequel, the owners getting the clippings? ;)

Leatherdykeuk said...

I don't think I'd dare write another one of those!