Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Epilogue part one

And that was that.

Two whole days of my life expunged in a single altercation with another demon. Life returned to normal fairly quickly and Lucy did indeed pass the button after six days (she rested on the seventh, poor mite). Once the button was cleaned we put it under her pillow and it re-absorbed her power of illusion and left her as good as new.

Ada wasn't so happy, of course. For seven days she was without the ability to alter her appearance and was stuck looking like a twenty-year old sylph. She didn't dare go to any of her usual haunts. The pub was out and Bingo especially – there's only so far you can laugh off looking forty years younger and claiming an overnight use of rejuvenation cream just doesn't cut it. She was still able to go out, just not as herself. She had to pretend to be her own niece, but that's a tale for another day. At least she got to enjoy the flashing lights of the local night club for a change, though don't tell Harold.

John spent the week renovating the doll's house to its former glory. It was quite sweet to see the attention to detail a master forger can put in to a piece of renovation. He even made an identical replica of it, aging it in the usual way of travelling back in time to place it in Lady Melissa's coffin in the mausoleum. Fortunately, he left himself a note to get it out before the dead rose and smashed everything up, which meant he had a perfect copy to base his renovation on.


aims said...

A perfect copy? Egads.....that sounds ominous. But then Jasfoup - you're not one for foreshadowing at all - ever!!

So - I'm wondering what could possibly happen next.

Leatherdykeuk said...

heh! That's about it!
Back to regular programming for a while, though another long tale is brewing.

stephanie said...

*claps* I love the notion of a replica. John is a handy fellow. Though poor Ada... ;)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Not so much the poor Ada! Out clubbing every night!