Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 6.02

Dillard shrugged into his ex-army greatcoat despite the promise of warmth outside. Sam had no such luxury and pulled on his 'Beatboy' hoodie with the faded lettering. "What about my eye?" he said. "Won't someone notice?"

"Here." Dill pulled his sunglasses out of his pocket. "Wear these and pretend you're a rock star."

"I am a rock star." Sam put on the glasses and admired himself in the mirror. Everything looked flat with just the one eye. "Level thirty-four on Rockband."

"Yeah, well." Dill stepped over three days of mail and opened the door. He could manage Guitar Hero but Sam's enthusiasm for Rockband eluded him. he edged into the sunlight like it was acid rain. Everything looked bleached. He regretted lending out his glasses. "The geezer by the bus stop looks familiar," he said. "It's that bloke from last night – the one with the weed."

"Excellent." Sam's fingers played an unconscious air guitar. "Let's score some then."

"Right." Dill looked both ways despite the cul-de-sac being single lane traffic and jogged across the grass to the bus stop. The man looked different in the daylight. More ordinary, though his jacket looked like it was a demob suit from the 1950s. "All right?" He gave the dealer an upward nod. "Didn't realise it was you out here or I'd have come out sooner. How did you know where I lived?"

"What?" The man scowled up at him. "Have we met?"

"Yeah." Hesitation crossed Dillard's face. "You gave me a free sample of your merchandise last might?"

"I did?" He peered up at Dillard. "And yet it didn't blow you away?"

"Nah. Well, yes, we were wasted this morning." Dillard forced himself to smile. "Got any more? We'll pay, obviously."

"How much do you want? A pound?"

"Cool. Yeah, sure."

"That'll be a monkey." The dealer wasn't smiling.

"We haven't got that. Can we have an ounce instead?"

"No. Five hundred or nothing. Selling you less would be dancing on my mother's grave. Five hundred is cheap and you know it." He leaned forward, dropping his voice to a whisper. "You could sell half for twice as much. You have friends, yes?"

"Sure." Dillard held up a fist to bump-seal the deal. "Catch you later, yeah?"

"Later, yes." The dealer flashed his crooked yellow teeth. "I will catch you."


stephanie said...

*shudders* Now this man I do not like.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Probably best not to ;)