Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 7.02

She opened the back door of the taxi and shooed Legion in like a little girl, climbing in herself as soon as Legion settled. She sat back and fiddled with the seatbelt.

"Where to, love?" The driver's eyes, reflected in the mirror, were a deep brown. They were reminiscent of her son's friend Felicia, which probably meant... She shook her head. Never mind.

"Dark Passage, please." She helped Legion fasten her seatbelt and leaned forward to read the driver ID hanging from the dashboard. "Roman Priestly," she said. "What a lovely name. Are you Italian?"
He pulled out and drove to the end of the street. "He came here as a child after the war. His were killed when the Allies invaded Florence in 1944 and he was taken in by a mission."

"How very interesting." Ada glanced across at Legion but the seemed to be asleep. "Is he still alive?"

"Nonno? Yes. Almost seventy now but still pretty strong. "Romano," he says to me. "When you going to make something of yourself?" I tell him I'm going to college but he just waves me away."

"Oh?" Ada looked out of the window. They were approaching Low Street, about half way. "What are you studying?"

"Information technology." Roman smiled in the mirror. "Computers."

"You can't go wrong with that." Ada reached forward and patted his arm. "You can do anything if you know about computers."

"Just about." Roman accelerated along Puttle Street. "There's a lorry blocking your Dark Passage. Do you want me to let you out here or go down Smithgate to the market?"

"Smithgate." Ada braced herself against the sudden deceleration and right turn. The back of the bookshop appeared on their left. "This'll do nicely."

Roman pulled to a stop then checked the meter. "Two-eighty, love."

Ada handed him a fiver. "Keep the change for your computer course." She pressed his fingers in her own. They felt surprisingly hairy. "Buy yourself some chips."


stephanie said...

Hmm. Now who is Roman Priestly? And is he really... priestly? ;)

Leatherdykeuk said...

this is foreshadowing ;)