Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 10.03

Harold narrowed his eyes. "I thought she didn't eat." Nevertheless he got up to fetch a plate if chocolate Bourbons and put them on the table, but nearer to his side than legion's. "What is it you want me to do, exactly? You keep saying 'find my children' but what does that even mean? I can't help you if all you're offering is hints and allusions."

Ada leaned forward. "You remember the story of Legion, don't you Harold?"

"Of course. Iesua travels to Gerasenes on the borders of the Sea of Galilee where villagers lead him to Manoach whom they claim is possessed by demons. Before he does anything, though, the man runs up to him and tells him their name is Legion 'for we are many' and begs him not to send them back to Hell. Iesua pities them and sends them into a herd of swine instead, which promptly runs off the cliff into the sea and drowns."

Legion smiled. "The villagers were not best pleased with him after that. All the wealth of the village was in that herd of pigs and he slaughtered two thousand of them without even allowing them to kill the meat."

"I don't understand." Felicia looked from Legion to Harold. "If the pigs died, didn't the demons go back to Hell anyway? Did Jesus trick them?"

"He tried. It is why I call him the Tormentor. As the pigs died we congregated on the shore. We were able to form a physical body with most of the brethren but many were lost. Manoach left Gerasenes to preach the wonder of the new prophet but was soon shunned and starving. He summoned those of the brethren who had returned to Hell and became their host once more in return for the power and eternal life they offered."

"And these missing brethren who remained with Manoarch are the missing children you speak of?" Harold made a note in his pocket book.

"That is correct."

"They're here, Harold." Ada clutched at her son's arm. "I felt them."

"And just what are they doing here?" Harold's pen paused over the paper as he raised his eyebrows in a question toward Legion.

"They wish to possess the living." Legion pushed away the cold tea. "Isn't that what every demon wants?"


aims said...

I'm guessing that you know the answer to that don't you Jasfoup?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Well...Not every demon!