Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 10.05

"Sorry Mother." Harold poured his tea.

"That's assuming Limbo is still there at all." Felicia spoke without looking up. She had, Ada thought, a quiet determination. Even in the face of a demon older than Christianity she would swallow the insults and contribute. It was a quality to be admired and one her son would do well to cultivate. She wondered if Harold would have married this woman had he not become involved with the vampire Gillian. She might have had a whole litter of grandchildren by now.

"Why would Limbo vanish?" Legion's voice was a hiss of disbelief.

"Pope Benedict XVI said he was going to abolish it from the Catholic dogma. It was unpopular with Catholics the world over. Especially those whose children had died in childbirth and not been baptised."

"What would happen to them then?" Legion's form shifted into a shadowy mass and back again. "Would they go to Heaven instead?"

"That's what he'd have his people believe. He's very fond of the Muslim principle that those too young to have sinned go straight to the arms of God."

"They cannot. There is still the concept of original sin."

"Pfft." Ada waved a hand to shoo away the concept like a bad smell. "There's a doctrine a can't abide. If ever the priests wanted something to keep the people down its that. Telling folk their children are born sinners is the act of a sick mind."

"The idea of babies going to Hell is anathema to most mothers."

"Quite right, too." Ada stared at Legion as if daring her to challenge the viewpoint. "No mother wants their baby to go to Hell whether they're an infant or a serial murderer."

Harold frowned, gesturing with his pen. "Wait, though. I go to Hell."

"That's different, Harold. Your father works there."


stephanie said...

*laughs* Good point. So long as Harold doesn't mind, I don't suppose Ada should. Besides, being half-faery, she's likely to pull a rabbit out of her hat at the eleventh hour in any event. I wouldn't let it trouble her too much.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Well, it the Faery Queen should die...

aims said...

'snorts' - Love the last line!

I've always wondered about that too. What sick mind thought up babies being born into sin. How could that possibly be??

I must say Jasfoup. You have an incredible knowledge of the bibles of the world. Do you read them often?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Reading bibles is part of the job description, though Harold has a vast knowledge of them too.