Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 10.06

Legion slapped her hand on the table. "So what happens to us? If we return to Hell where do we go?"

Harold unscrewed the lid of his pen and began drawing on a napkin. "Who can tell. Tartarus, perhaps, or Sheol or Hades? All three were there before Iesua designed the concept of Hell for all sinners so there's a good chance you'd be assigned a spot in one of those." He finished the crude map and scooted it across the table. "I hear Sheol's quite nice if you don't mind the bone cathedral theme."

"Sheol?" Legion stared at the napkin. It depicted Hell as a series of interlocking tunnels and it was no coincidence that it looked like a heart. "Would my children be there?"


"If they were possessing a mortal and you were able to exorcise them?"

"I could do that." Harold reached for his wallet and took out a slip of paper. "I am a certified minister."

Ada snorted. "You bought that title on the internet."

"It's still valid." Harold folded it away. "Jasfoup should be here for this."

"Jasfoup?" Legion looked at him

"My business partner. He'll probably know where your children will go when we remove them from their hosts. Assuming we can't keep a hold of them, that is. Has anyone seen him this morning? He was out collecting first thing but he's usually here by now." He clicked his fingers for Devious

The imp appeared on the side furthest from Legion. "Yes Master? More tea?"

"No. Well, yes, but that's not why I called you. Have you seen Jasfoup this morning?"

"Fortunately not, sir. We've been left in peace."

Harold grinned. "He only teases you because you love it. Go and find him and tell him I need his advice. That should appeal to his sense of pride. Before you go, though, fetch me a copy of the Gerasenes gospel."

The imp opened a gate and vanished, returning moments later with a manuscript on ancient papyrus, the cochineal ink still wet, and a fresh cup of tea.

"Excellent." Harold gave him a biscuit. "Now fetch Jasfoup."


stephanie said...

Ah, good. I suspect Jasfoup will find all this most interesting. :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

He will indeed. Interesting... or terrifying.

aims said...

I'm wondering if Legion and Jasfoup are prior acquaintances.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Possibly -- I don't actually know.