Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 11.03

The door slammed leaving Jasfoup staring at the peeling yellow paint and tarnished brass letterbox. "How rude," he said aloud.

He trotted down the concrete steps and around the corner, straight into a white-suited individual and would have fallen over if not for the automatic response of his wings fluttering open. It was fortunate no mortal without the Sight could see them, not least for the soldier in the hazardous materials suit, who would probably have soiled himself. "I say." Jasfoup leaned over to help the man up. "It was just a little vomit. You needn't have sent a cleaning crew."

"DO NOT MOVE." The two guns pointed at him by similarly dressed soldiers made Jasfoup distinctly uncomfortable. Not that he could be physically damaged by bullets but they wreaked havoc with his tailor's bills. "RAISE YOUR HANDS SLOWLY"

"Well which?" Jasfoup was still leaning over the fallen soldier who scuttled backwards, stood and drew a side arm. "I can either not move or raise my hands. Which would you prefer?"

"Extend your hands in front of you then stand up." The soldier he'd knocked over gestured with his hand gun.

Jasfoup rose slowly, noting the pistol with a raised eyebrow. "A P226 SIG Sauer? Not standard issue." He glanced at the two other soldiers. "And Heckler & Koch four-seventeens. Not standard issue at all. Elite squad?"

"Shut up and stand against the wall." The one in charge, with 'Andrews' on his name tag, looked to be scared witless. He was probably younger than Amanda and there was a good chance he wouldn't be able to buy alcohol in America.

"I knew Theodor Koch in the fifties, you know. I knew Edmund, too, though he only ever heckled." Jasfoup ambled toward the wall.

"I said, shut up." Andrews shoved him with the barrel of the pistol. "What are you holding?"

"This?" Jasfoup looked at his hand, where the hair he'd plucked from the Amanda-demon was held tight between thumb and forefinger. "It's a hair. Very dangerous, hairs. They can spread all sorts of diseases if you let go of them." He took a step forward.

"Against the wall now!" Andrews pointed the pistol at Jasfoup's face. "I won't tell you again."

"Thank the stars for that." Jasfoup dropped his arms.


aims said...

I'm enjoying this turn of events. I have a feeling you can direct them with a small pinky if you want to.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Perhaps, but it might be frowned upon ;)

stephanie said...

I'm such a girl. :) Nicely played here.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you