Friday, June 4, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 8.02

"What does he want?" Amanda's eyes were so wide open they were in danger of falling out. "Tell him to go away."

"There's a woman with a dog out there. It's barking at him." Jasfoup pulled a silver tin from his pocket and lit a cheroot.

Amanda glared at the back of his head. "Would you mind not smoking?"

"Sure." Jasfoup didn't turn around. "You stop decomposing and I'll stop smoking."

"That's hardly fair. I can't help decomposing whereas yu don't have to smoke at all."

"I still have to smell you and a cigar is better than a dozen of those little fir trees you hang off car mirrors." He took a step backwards. "Oh!"


"The demon touched the dog and possessed it. How sweet."

"How can that be sweet?" Amanda stood behind his shoulder and looked out. "I can see a shadow over the dog. Is that the demon inside it?"

"Yes." Jasfoup glanced at her, took another puff of his cheroot and looked out again. "This is fascinating. I've never seen a demon like this. It's like a community of demons, all sharing the same host and breaking away when they need to."

"Fascinating? It's horrible."

Outside, the woman pulled at the dog's leash, trying to chivvy it on but the dog, an old black Labrador, braced itself against the pulling. Losing patience, the woman stepped closer and pulled at its collar, succeeding in dragging the dog a few inches. The man said something and she replied, trying once again to drag the dog away.

Jasfoup could tell the woman had lost her temper. Waves of frustration radiated from her and it was merely a matter of time before she shouted at the possessed dog or—

He shook his head.

"Did you see that? She hit it." Amanda stared out of the window at the drama below.

"I saw. She'll regret that. The demon inside will—" Jasfoup winced. "Bite her."

"That had to hurt."

They watched as the man, seemingly concerned, stepped over to help the woman. As he examined the wound on her wrist, he fingers flickered in a familiar pattern. A dark spirit detached itself from him and slithered inside her arm like a tapeworm up a nostril.

"This can't be good." Jasfoup shook his head as woman and dog walked off as if nothing had happened.


stephanie said...

Now I know what was wrong with Jack. *chuckles*

I did not see before the connection between zombies and Legion, but I did trust your ability to bring them together. Nicely done.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks Steph. The demons possess both the living and the dead.