Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 8.06

"Which is?" Her voice softened as she leaned closer, her full lips partly open and shining in the light from the sitting-room window. Her tongue flickered across them and she rested her left hand on his shoulder, drawing him down to meet her.

He didn't resist. Thoughts of Julie, who'd been his sole mortal partner for the last three years, faded from his mind and Amanda's breath washed over him. It smelled of vomit and dead air, decomposing lung tissue and the heady attar of lilies. He paused momentarily to look in her eyes. The pinprick pupils in an almost white iris was actually quite attractive in an I-might-be-dead-but-I'm-still-up-for-it way. Her skin was still flawless, if a little cold and plastic, a soft peach-fuzz of hair like a halo across the surface..

Her other hand snaked up to pull off his mirrored sunglasses , leaving his red-within-red eyes exposed. He had contact lenses if he needed them for mingling with mortals but didn't generally wear them. He looked directly into her eyes without the filter of smoked glass. She was, he had to admit, quite lovely, though she would become quite repulsive over the coming weeks unless something was done about her.

Amanda's mouth opened as she drew closer, the live of her teeth still American-perfect. She'd paid a lot for that amount of work sometime in the past. His lips brushed the surface of hers and his arm, pressing into the small of her back, drew her closer still.