Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 9.02

Sam patted his pockets. "You got any money? I'm dying for a drink. All I can taste is sick and blood. I think I must have bitten my lip or something."

"A bit. There's a newsagents on Low street. You can get a can from there, maybe."

"I could do with a drink-drink"

"At ten in the morning?" Dill laughed. "You must be joking."

"Seriously?" Sam stopped and looked at his friend. "This is the weirdest day of my life. If you don't think so there is something really wrong with you."

"It's a bit odd." Dill finished rolling his cigarette and offered it to Sam. "On the other hand, I once woke up convinced there was a demon in my room and that turned out all right."

"A demon?" Sam laughed as he lit the cigarette. "Dude, you must have been wasted. What did he want?"

Dill wrinkled his nose, exposing his teeth for a minute. "It was shortly after my dad died, you know? I was feeling really down. Failed my A levels and thought there was really nothing left for me. I stole a bottle of vodka and a shed-load of my mom's valium and took the lot while she was visiting my gran."

"And that's when the demon came?"

Dill nodded and began rolling another cigarette. "He didn't look like a demon. He looked like some lawyer geezer in a cheap suit but he had these eyes, you know?"

"Like a snake?"

"Nah. Red. Glowing. He said if I promised him my soul he'd save my life and make me a genius in a subject of my choice."

"And you chose programming?"

"No, actually. I chose acting. Figured I could become a movie star and have anything I wanted."

"Yeah? So how come you're at Tech on a Basic computing course?"

"Because I still look like this." He waved a hand to indicate his six-foot-four, stocky figure. "Where am I ever going to get a part."

Sam shrugged. "Radio?"

Dill snorted. "Yeah, right. If I went to Oxbridge. "

"So what happened? You signed away your soul?"

"Yeah. As he pointed out, suicides went to Hell anyway. He was doing me a favour. He left, my mom came home early and I woke up in hospital."

"Wicked." Sam pulled on his cigarette. "Really stupid ambition, though."