Monday, June 14, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 9.03

"Tell me something I know, why don't you." Dillard tucked away the tobacco and lit his cigarette. "How long do you reckon we've got?"

"Till the government finds us?" Sam shrugged. "Who can tell? They've probably already arrived at the flat."

"They'll be interrogating the bird upstairs." Dill took a long drag on the cigarette. Imperfect rolling caused it to burn unevenly and a line of flame travelled down the length. "Shit." He pinched out the glowing tip and rolled another paper over it. "It's a temporary reprieve for us, though. It won't take them long to work our someone was piggybacking her wifi signal.. My bet is they've knocked in the door of our flat already."

That's assuming they even bother to come in. They might just bomb the house and have done with it."

"Or nuke the street from orbit."

"It's the only way to be sure." They both made a noise reminiscent of a dolphin and touched their fists together.

Sam had recovered by the time they reached Low Street but Sam still wanted a drink. Dill led him to Super-Lo, an open-all-hours convenience store run by Mr. Xio, though the sign on the door claimed it was Mr. John Smith who was licensed to sell alcohol to be consumed off the premises. Sam took a moment to get his bearings, then headed to the refrigerated section at the back of the shop.

"Cider." He looked back and grinned at Dill. "I really fancy a cider."

"I thought only kids and alcoholics drank cider?" Dill's phone bleeped and he paused to pull it out. He read the message. "Fenn's on the park. Wants to know if we're holding."

"Huh," Sam paused at the chilled meats, suddenly hungry. "Tell him to hold his own. We're out, remember? That's why we're in town."

"I know, but if we could score some regular we could pass it on to him." Dill caught up with Sam. You know he's loaded. His dad owns half of Laverstone."

"You can't screw Fenn though." Sam picked up a vacuum-packed bag of bacon. "He'll beat the stuffing out of you."

"No, but I can offer him a business deal." Dill was already texting back. "He could stump up the whole monkey. We could give him half the blow and be quids in." He looked up from his phone. "What are you doing with that bacon? I thought you wanted a drink."


stephanie said...

Meat rules every time, boys. :)

And the contamination really begins, I suppose.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Possibly ;)