Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 9.04

"Hungry." A spot of saliva appeared at the corner of Sam's mouth, increasing in size until it had the mass required to breach the friction barrier of his dry lips. It rolled off, leaving a long trail of drool to pool on the floor between his feet.

"Nah, man. This is a shop. You can't go eating in a shop. Besides, old man Xio has a sword behind the counter."

"Hungry." Sam lifted the packet of bacon and ripped it open with his teeth, wolfing down the raw meat without even chewing. He reached for a second packet, the plastic wrapper of the first falling from his grasp.

"No." Dill caught his arm.

"Hey! You boys! No eating in the shop." Mr. Xio scuttled down the aisle. "You pay for everything."

"Hungry!" Sam threw off Dill's grasp and reached for the bacon.

"Sam, no. I'll get you a burger. We'll go to Phillie's diner on Albert Street. You like that place." He tried to pull Sam physically from the refrigerated unit, knocking off the sunglasses in the process.

"Diner?" Sam paused, staring at Dill with the one white-on-white eye and the ruined other socket.

Mr Xio stopped. "There's something wrong with you two. You're barred."

Dill held out a couple of pound coins "for the bacon"".

Xio edged forward to take the money then pointed at the door. "You go now and I won't call the police." He backed away watching them constantly until he was safely behind the counter.

Dill dragged Sam out of the shop still clutching the second packet of bacon. He looked back at Mr. Xio as the bell over the door jangled and he pushed Sam into the street. "He used to be Jewish. You know what cults are like when someone leaves. I need to het him to hospital but he was desperate to eat some bacon. So desperate, in face, that he couldn't wait for it to be cooked."

Mr Xio glared and reached under the counter. "You go now."

"All right!" Dill held up his hands. "We only came here because you have the freshest food for miles."

"Of course I do. Super-Lo is the best for value and freshness." He narrowed his eyes. "You're still barred."

"Oh. Right." Dill shrugged. "See you then." He left the shop, the bell clanging again as the door closed behind him. Outside, Sam had torn open the bacon and was eating it like a chewy sweet, holding the bulk of it in one hand as he tore away pieces with his teeth. Dill shuddered. "And you said I was disgusting."

Sam swallowed. "You are. At least this is real food intended for humans."

"Not when it's raw its not." Dill grimaced. "And put your sunglasses back on. Seeing your eye socket gives me the creeps."

"And seeing the inside of your intestines is giving me the creeps, too." Sam finished off the bacon and discarded the plastic wrapper.

Dill picked it up and dropped it in the bin outside the shop door. "That's littering that is. Haven't I taught you anything?"


aims said...

This is so good Jasfoup - I have trouble waiting for the next - and knowing there are four in the wings...... :0)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks Aims. My buffer zone means it'll keep coming even if I miss a day or two of writing!