Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 12.06

"Good point." Dill slowed his pace. "Wait. Are you saying...What are you saying?"

"Maybe blood is what I'm thirsty for."


"It's just a theory." Sam walked on, his smaller stride betraying a slight limp. "Come on. I want to get this money together and go home. It's too hot to be walking about."

"Hot?" Dill looked up. What had started out as a beautiful morning had turned rapidly into overcast. "We may be in for a thunderstorm." He increased his pace to walk alongside his friend.

Sam looked up. "Bugger. We have to get home to disconnect the UHF aerial you attached to the roof."

"Yeah. I don't want the transmitter rack blowing." Dill stopped and put a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Look! I've never noticed that before."

"The Tattered Moon?" Sam looked from the sign to Dill. "Is it a pub? I thought we'd done all the pubs in Laverstone?"

"We have. We ticked them all off in the student guide and goy our free drinks for rating them. This is a new one."

"It doesn't look very new. That sign's donkey's years old. Look at the peeling paint."

"Perhaps it's a new pub with an old sign."

"That just doesn't make sense.. Who'd put up an old sign when they opened a pub. Besides, the social climate today means traditional English pubs are closing down, particularly town centre ones that can't compete with smoking gardens after the ban."

Dill shrugged. "All I know is, I've never seen a door there before. Not one in use, anyway. This used to be a boarded-up doorway with concert flyers plastered over it."

Sam frowned, rubbing his temples ."When I was a boy with nary a care, I went through a door that never was there. The people inside were all dressed in lace and when I got home I was lacking a face."

"That was rubbish." Dill clapped him on the back. "Did you just make that up?"

"No. It was in a book of children's poems someone gave me when I was little."

"It would have given me nightmares."

"It did me. My mum was livid when she found out."

"Who gave it you then?"

"Dunno. An uncle, maybe? All I remember was a tall bloke in a suit."

Dill nodded. "Well we're grown men now. Doors can't hurt us." He pushed against the peeling paint at the entrance of the Tattered Moon.


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Indeed. Jasfoup's local...

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Doors can't hurt us...


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Of course not. Not unmarked ones, anyway