Friday, July 9, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 13.05

"You mean it can listen to us and contact you?" Harold received only a wry smile in reply. He watched her walk to the end of the street but as she reached the market she seemed to fade from view like granules of instant coffee whisked into a pot of tea. No more would he wonder about the secrecy that surrounded her travels. She was the first demon he couldn't actually see. He returned to the kitchen "What a charming individual." He pointed to the table, then to his ear. "Utterly, utterly charming."

"So you said, Harold, but she's not an individual at all. What bit about Legion don't you understand? The name would give you a big clue for a start. Why are you pointing at your ear?"

"I've got a bit of an ache mum. Have you got any of those drops you used to give me?"

"No love. I don't have a dog any more so I stopped buying them. Why? Have you got mites?"

"No mum." Harold took hold of her elbow and steered her through the door to the scriptorium, interrupting John and Delirious, the two imps under contract to the bookshop. John was so surprised he dropped his paintbrush on the Lindisfarne Gospel, giving the deer St. Patrick was blessing a bright red nose. Harold shooed them back to work.

My problem is that tables have ears."

"No love, it's wall that have ears. Walls and cornfields."

"In our case since the table is possessed, it has them too. It can tell Legion everything we talk about."

"That's good isn't it? It'll save you writing case notes for her."

"I wouldn't have done that anyway." Harold reboiled the kettle then, in a fit of indecision, took a can of cola from the fridge. He popped the ring push and drank, pausing after a few swallows to burp.

"Manners, Harold. You've gone to pot since you left home. I wouldn't dare take you to the bridge club these days."

"Sorry mum." Harold sat again, setting the can on a lacquered table mat. "I needed the sugar, I think. Julie won't mind me taking one of her cans. I'll replace it before she comes in tomorrow, anyway." he frowned. "You don't even play bridge."

"I used to, before you were born. That's something else you've deprived me of."

"Oh, gee. Blame me, why don't you?"

"I just did."


stephanie said...

Now I've learnt something; Julie drinks soda. Shocking!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Indeed. Coffee, too. It'll ruin her teeth.