Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 14.04

"Name?" It was just a devil on the gate, the post-life spirit of a nephilim and only marginally above the imps in the pecking order. This particular one whose name, according to the tag on his lapel, was Kevin hadn't even been blessed with any demonic traits – no wings, claws or even chitin. It must have been a vampire once. The poor souls were generally ejected from the bodies long before they managed to develop demonic traits.

"Jasfoup of the Fifth." He pointed out his name on the ream of paper bound with a piece of string. "There I am, under James the First, Bringer of Religious Zealotry."

Kevin made a mark against his name. "Purpose of visit?"

"Er... research?" Jasfoup scratched his head. "I want to look in the Codex Malefica."

"I'll put business." Kevin looked up, raising an eyebrow hopefully. "Unless that was a cover story for breaking into the succubus pits?"

"I'd rather not." Jasfoup grimaced. "I tried that once. They insisted I made passionate love for them for hours afterward."

Kevin dropped his voice, drawing Jasfoup into a two-person huddle. "What was it like?"

"Sore." Jasfoup gave him a mock salute and sauntered inside the walls into the bustling markets of Dis.

The cacophony was almost unbearable for a demon of Jasfoup's sensibilities. Rows of stalls selling everything from unexpired contracts to esoteric spell components to fabulous beasts vied for his attention and his purse. He paused at a food vendor to sample smoked cubes of dragon on cocktail sticks but the meat was sour – a good indication the lizard had been rather dim witted. With intelligence come sweetness, as the saying goes.

He was just passing the livestock area, and in particular a stall set out with rows of cages of untenured imps when he heard his name called. It took him a few moments to identify the speaker as an occupant of one of the cages.

"Devious!" Jasfoup was surprised the imp had shirked his duties to come gallivanting in the market. "What are you doing here?"

The imp held the bars of his cage in his tiny fists. "Looking for you."


stephanie said...

Nicely done installment. Poor Devious; I knew he was taking his time.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Heh! He is a bit useless!