Friday, July 16, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 14.06

Jasfoup twisted his head to look at the imp. "Harold would have been upset if I lost you altogether, tempted though I was to just get another one. It would have been cheaper and Harold probably wouldn't have noticed the difference."

"I'm not a generic green budgie, you know. Myknowledge of the Waterman household is vast and not just limited to how many sugars Harold takes in his tea or where the vampire stashes the bodies." Devious huffed. "Besides, what could be cheaper? I noticed you flimflamming your way out of the whole situation without once reaching for your wallet."

"Very observant." Jasfoup risked a glance behind and picked up the pace. "Let's hope the merchant didn't notice either."

"He'll probably realise in a few minutes. Still, he can easily make up the missing funds by selling the information you gave him."

"What information?"

"The fact that Harold is the mortal child of Lucifer." Devious chuckled. "You were so busy trying to save money you didn't even notice he was pumping you for information."

"Why, the manipulative little toad..." Jasfoup turned, looking back toward the imp seller.

"What are you going to do? March back there and pretend you made it up? Better to warn Harold he's suddenly become a major pawn in the political arena."

Jasfoup shook his head. "I will, but I've got something to do first."

"Like what?" Devious looked around at the tail end of the market. Pickings were slimmer here. The goods for sale were more an assortment of discarded electronics salvaged from mortal refuse pits and the food stalls sold fried semen culled from the wastage of hormonal teenagers, buttered leeches from the Sea of Immortal Faeces and hamburgers from a world-market leader.

"Find out which ancient demon is abroad in Laverstone possessing the corpses of innocents."

"Oh." Devious nodded. "That'll be Legion. She's propositioning Harold as we speak."


stephanie said...

*laughs* See? He really is handy to have around.

Loved the "Oh, that'll be..."

Leatherdykeuk said...

It makes a pleasant change when D knows more than J