Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 14.07

"What?" Jasfoup stopped so suddenly Devious was thrown from his shoulder by the momentum. "What do you mean, 'Legion is propositioning Harold? Legion from the Bible?"

Devious flapped his wings and managed to land safely on the baking flagstones. Having the ability to gate everywhere tended to make imps lazy and he'd just discovered his wing muscles weren't up to the task of keeping him airborne for long. He was put in mind of a plump chicken. He looked up at the demon. "That's the one. She's given Harold the task of recovering her missing children. Apparently some of them returned to the bloke Iesua drove them from and have been with him ever since."

"There wouldn't be much left of him after all this time." Jasfoup bit his lip. "She hasn't possessed him, has she? They're a bugger to get out again without a good dose of divinity."

"Not Harold, no, but she did possess the table to keep an eye on him. She promised him loads of old shit but he's still not happy about taking the job."

"Why should he? He can appeal to his father to protect him from her."

"She has an ace up her sleeve, though." Devious picked his nose and examined the result. It was a small fish which had died some time ago.

"She's an ancient demon feared by mortals for millennia. What leverage could she possibly wield that would give her more power than she already has? "

Devious ate the fish. "She made friends with Ada first."


stephanie said...

I honestly just love the way you write.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you.