Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 16.05

"Oh, very good." Harold clapped his hands lightly. "I bet you've been panning that one for the last ten minutes and I walked right into it. You've been listening to Jasfoup too long."

Julie frowned. "No, they really were trying to get a drink. They were so fresh they didn't know they were zombies and saw the door to the 'Moon as they were passing."

"Wait, you mean they're articulate zombies? Still with self awareness?"

"In their own bodies, yes. It was like they were in-between."


"Yes. Dead but still themselves. Still capable of independent thought." Julie sucked her lip. "The taller one actually tried to pick me up. He was completely unaware he was dead. Couldn't explain the urges he was feeling to eat raw meat and drink blood."

"I'm surprised Bernard didn't send them on their way with extreme prejudice."

"Oh he wanted to." Julie smiled, looking into the middle distance. "I stopped him."

"Whatever for?" Felicia spoke up. "Everybody hates zombies. Even Jasfoup will chop them into pieces rather than give them the time of day."

"These were... different." Julie shook her head, gazing at a point over Felicia's shoulder. "They were young, for one thing. Students at the Tec, the one said, or they might have been brothers. The shorter one seemed a bit simple but hyper-intelligent, if you know what I mean. The sort of kid who plays with building blocks then hypothesises a theory of a collapsing universe."

"So you felt protective of them?"

"Yeah. Sort of." Julie smiled. "Flattered by the attention, too."

"Ah!" Harold looked at the coffee machine, wondering if he could get it to dispense tea. "Wrack? Would you mind getting me a tea, please?" He smiled sweetly.

The imp looked at Julie. "Go." She tickled his throat. "I'm perfectly safe."


stephanie said...

Oh! No, I'll keep quiet.

Excellent and intriguing. Leave it to Julie. :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks. Glad you're enjoying it in such small portions!