Friday, July 30, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 16.06

"Thanks." Harold watch the imp gate away. "Devious has gone missing and Delirious is a bit skittish this morning."

"Devious is missing?"

"Yes. Useless fart. I sent him to fetch Jasfoup and haven't seen him since."

"That's worrying." Julie frowned. "Is it connected with my zombies, do you think?"

Harold sucked his breath through his teeth. "Are you sure they were zombies? They weren't just a couple of kids having you on?"

Julie pointed to her right eye, the real one. "I think i can tell the difference, Harold. Their aura was completely missing. They were deader than mince."

"They weren't just under the influence of something?"

"Something that makes you think you're still alive? I very much doubt it. The only influence they were under was Death's. They had been taking drugs, mind. I could smell cannabis on them."

"I wasn't thinking drugs. I was thinking along the lines of possession."

"Possession? By demons, you mean, like in The Exorcist or Constantine?" Julie frowned into her coffee. "I don't think so. One because they didn't know they were dead to begin with and a demon would. It'd go out of its way to disguise the fact and wouldn't draw attention to itself by being rude to a limbic angel."

"I'm sorry?" Felicia leaned forward. "A what? It sounded like an Olympic angel."

"Limbic, from 'limbo'? Bernard is neither angel nor demon but is forced to wave between the two for his refusal to take sides in the War of Heaven."

"Oh." Felicia sat again. "How cool. I didn't know that."

"You don't go in the 'Moon often enough for him to talk to you. Talking of which, there were a couple of wolves in there this morning. Weaselly looking fellas. Itinerants, I think."

Felicia leaned back, nursing her drink. "Let me know if they're still here tomorrow and I'll have a word with them. There's no room for more weres in Laverstone. The town barely supports the current population without arousing suspicion."

"Fair enough."

Harold clicked his fingers. "Just to get back to the subject in hand. What did these two zombies want? Besides a drink, I mean, and to cop off with you."

"They were on their way to college." Julie drained her cup and put it on the desk. "They're IT students, I think. Quite clever, too. The little one didn't say much but it was him who figured out what they really were."

"Wait, I'm missing something." Felicia leaned forward, narrowly missing Delirious appearing with a cup of tea for Harold. "How have they become zombies at all?"


stephanie said...


Excellent points/questions, all.

Now, I like Bernard as well. He will make a super addition.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you :)

Addition? Bernard's in AUC!