Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 16.08

"That's all very well but what are a couple of zombies compared to the steaming bowl of gremlin droppings I was served with this morning?" Harold stood and began to pace, though with three people in Felicia's tiny office there was no room for him to go further than a couple of steps. "Interesting though your admirers may be, Julie, they pale in significance compared to my visitor."

Felicia shuddered. "Ugh. She gave me the creeps."

"Julie looked from one to the other. "Who?"

"Not to mention her complete dismissal of your abilities." Harold smirked. "That must have smarted a bit."

"Let's just say she won't be on my Christmas card list."


Harold adopted what he hoped was a dramatic pose. "The mother of demons."

"Your aunty Lilith? what's so bad about that? She didn't bring you a knitted tank top she expects you to wear, did she? I had an aunt like that once. I was almost glad to be blind in those days."

"Not Lilith, no." Harold sat again, the dramatic tension lost in Julie's blather. "Legion. From the Bible?"

Julie frowned. "The 'We are many' chap? I thought he was dissipated into pigs and slaughtered?"

"Apparently not. Most of her got back together into a mostly reformed character."

"Most of her?"

"The rest leaped back into the original host and has been stalking the earth ever since."

Julie whistled. "That can't be good. What did she want?"

"She wants us to catch them."

Julie sank in her chair, all her enthusiasm deflating like a balloon under pressure. "Champion."


stephanie said...

Well said!

Excellent repartee as usual.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you :)