Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 17.04

Jasfoup squatted and stared into the skull's eye sockets. He could make out the soul writhing in agony within but didn't recognise it as one he'd collected. "What's not to get? Zombies are undead mortal bodies animated by spirits or minor demons generally unsanctioned by the higher powers except in exchange for pacts and spirit bound skeletons are unanimated torture for the souls trapped within them. Easy."

The imp shook his head. "This is all a bit theological for me. Why does everyone hate zombies if they can then use them to secure a pact with a mortal? Is it politics?"

"In a way." Jasfoup pulled out his watch to check the time. "Look, there are two famous instances where zombies were employed at the request of a mortal. Cuchulainn was given the Black Cauldron to revive his warriors and Josef Himmler sent a battalion of zombies into battle to demoralise the Allied troops in the Second World War. Both uses netted us several hundred extra souls we wouldn't have had otherwise."

"But I thought we weren't supposed to interfere in the affairs of Man?"

"pfft. Who told you that?" Jasfoup laughed. "We interfere as much as we can, just as the other side does."

Devious shook his head. "I still don't understand. Is there a way of condensing all this politics into something simple?"

"Sure." Jasfoup smiled. "Just Because."

"Ah." Devious grinned. "That makes more sense."

"Excellent." The demon looked up at the distant lights in the upper reaches of the Tower of Records. "Now come on. I need to do this bit of research on Legion and I was supposed to meet Julie for breakfast. Chop chop."


stephanie said...

He's a little behind schedule there...

Leatherdykeuk said...

Just a bit!