Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 17.06

Devious, carrying nothing but his stiffened loincloth, passed through without difficulty and was, if anything, moderately cleaner for the experience. His loincloth benefitted from the intense heat, many of the crustier stains charring into dust under the intense temperature. He wiped away the ash from his incinerated body hair. "So where are the records for the pre-Christian kept?"

Jasfoup consulted a map to the building and looked up with an expression of dismay. "At the top of the tower it says. I wonder why."

"The earlier the record, the higher it goes." The security guard squeezed superglue onto his stumps to reattach the three severed fingers. "When the ground floor is full the whole building is raised on stilts and another floor is added to the bottom."

Jasfoup looked up. "Is there an elevator?"

"Of course not. We wouldn't have known how high the building would eventually be."

"We have to walk?"

"Or gate up there. There are no portals allowed but imps can come and go."

"Excellent." Jasfoup spied a small room behind a stack of old periodicals from the last century. "Is that your office? I'll wait there." He turned to the guard." Do you have a kettle?"

"You can't wait here. It's employees only."

"Very well. How do I become an employee?"

"Just fill out an application form..."


" the employment office on the other side of the city."

"Oh." Jasfoup bent to talk to the imp. "You know what I'm looking for. Anything pertaining to... that lady we discussed, the sigil I showed you and the small matter of the missing children."

"Where will I find that?"

"How should I know? Look in the catalogue."

"Where's that?"

"Currently, the seventy-ninth floor." The guard smiled. "next to the tea machine."