Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 18.03

"The cellar?" Sam grinned through his perplexed expression. "That's a funny place to put your server."

"Makes sense though." Dill paused while Sam squeezed past. "Nice and cool. Stops any overheating."

"I don't know what you lads are on about." Bernard opened the trapdoor to reveal darkness and a number of pipes snaking into it. "I told you. I ain't got no computers. You said you could sort out bugs and there are plenty of the little buggers down there." He handed Dill a mallet. "Off you go then."

Dill looked askance. "I didn't cockroaches and stuff. I meant computer bugs."

"Eww." Bernard grimaced. "I didn't realise they were that clever. All the better you offered to help get rid of them." He pulled a cricket bat from behind the bar.

"All right! I'm going." Dill stepped onto the ladder. "You could at least put the light on for us."

"Light? They hide when you put the light on. Can't you see in the dark?"

"Not really, no."

"Oh." Bernard reached across the bar and flicked a switch. "If you insist. It's a bit mamby if you ask me. Who ever heard of a zombie than wanted the light on?"

"Up until today, I hadn't even known they were real."

"Life sucks and then you die." Sam stared into the cellar. "And then it really sucks." He pointed at a row of barrels. "I can see movement."

Bernard leaned over to look. "That'll just be the rats. Tell you what. You can eat as many of those as you like. Just keep a count of how many."

"Huh" Dilbo glanced at him. "How are we supposed to do that without access to a computer? Even a netbook would do."

"You're zombies aren't you?" Bernard gave hum a gentle push with the bat. "Use your brains."

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