Friday, August 13, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 18.05

"Is it cold in here?" Dill turned away from the sight of Sam eating another rat. "I wonder if that helps you retain thought processes."

"Stands to reason, really." Sam wiped his mouth with a sleeve. "If zombies are the living dead—"

"—Which we are."

"Which we are, granted, then it seems reasonable to assume those things that preserve a corpse also preserve the –let's call it humanity—of a donkey."


"Zombie, yes. What did I say?"

"You said 'donkey'."

"Oh." Sam frowned. "How odd. Nevertheless, it would appear that cold and infusions of fresh blood are our friends."

"Which would explain why zombies are traditionally more active at night."

"Wait, I've had a thought." Dill tried the Magelight but despite its power it had no credit to go on the internet. He pulled out his own and did a search for voodoo zombies. "Look it says that bodies destined to become zombies undergo extenside preparation."

Sam gave a bark of laughter. "That generally means they're poisoned with tetradotoxin and datura. How does that help us?"

"Because to survive as functioning zombies we need to preserve ourselves."

"Preserve ourselves?" Sam frowned and reached across for the Magelight phone. "A corpse in normal conditions is reduced to a skeleton in six to twelve months." He tapped several times on the screen. This is no good. The screen's too small and I can't draw a mind map on it. I need something bigger. An M3 would do, with a graphics tablet and dedicated driver card and a twenty-inch screen."

"Or you could use chalk." Dill handed him a stick from a box he'd found earlier. "And this blank wall here."


stephanie said...

Clever Dill, thinking outside the box. They'll get somewhere yet.

Leatherdykeuk said...

With any luck!