Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dead Rite chapter 19.01

Harold was using a laptop from a makeshift office in one of the gallery storage rooms. He wasn't happy about it. The keyboard was too cramped for his fingers and despite it being on Computer User's top ten laptops (number three, just behind the overpriced branded leaders) it didn't have the capability of running Angels and Armageddon at anything near the resolution of his desktop. He clicked his fingers for an imp.

"Yes sir?" Delirious had spent the last two hours watching the kitchen table from the top floor of the shop with the aid of one of Julies remote viewing devices.

"I want another cup of—" Harold stared at the imp. "What have you done to your eye?"

"This one? It's fake." Delirious popped it out to show him. "It's a sulphide marble. Look! There's a tiny dragon inside it."

"What happened to your real one?"

"It's on the kitchen." He hopped onto the desk and leaned forward, cupping his paw around his mouth conspiratorially. "You said to keep an eye on the table."

"I didn't mean it literally." Harold shook his head. "Never mind. Put your marble back in. I want another cup of tea and a copy of the Malleus Malefic." He frowned in careful thought, trying to catch a half-formed idea. "Also a tattoo gun."

"Yes sir. Anything else?"

Harold looked at the blank walls. "A window would be nice."

"I'll get right on that." Delirious grinned. "You know this is an interior wall, though? Putting a window in here would let you see into the estate agent's next door."


stephanie said...

Perhaps the estate agent is particularly attractive in some way?

Love Harold's odd list. I like making those sorts on occasion for no reason other than to make them. :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

*laughs* Harold is anal-retentive ;)